Acrylic Flow/Pour 


Seen and would love to 'have a go' ?   



Acrylic Flow / Pour (Fluid Art)
-  Would you like a fun time with others in a session?   Or perhaps yourself and a few friends could get together and have fun attending this?    These are very messy, so be prepared to get in and play with acrylic paint where we will be designing various items. You will complete a variety of items ie placemats/coasters using different techniques and your choice of colours.   Painting materials supplied - including canvas plus other substrates.

Warning -  this is 'very messy' but - oh so much fun.  Different methods shown.
Note - it is not guaranteed you will get the exact results as every person's pour will be different and may not turn out as you had thought due to ever changing nature of this type of art.

Each piece of artwork will be a single special item made by yourself and totally different from others as it is impossible to recreate similar designs in this technique. 



Dates & Pricing:

Groups of four to eight taken.
Warning.... this is messy.

Time:     Start 10.00 a.m.  4 hrs +/-     
Price:     $125.00 per person 



Using acrylic paints and resin pigment powders. 
We shall be using gorgeous Colour Passion resin powder pigments.  Organise a group to enjoy together.


What you need:

Lots of smiles and laughs - old clothes as may get paint on.  Old towel and paper towel roll. Other items to be advised. Masking tape, scissors. Boxes similar to banana box from supermarkets to place items in and old towel to place items on.



Acrylic pour in frame



acrylic pour in frame


 enjoyable, fun, challenging

Please note:   Do not email asking for dates etc.  If no dates are shown, then none are available.   Once set will appear together with dates/times/locations below.  



About this session -
  • Approximately 4 hours in which you will have fun creating your very own personalised, individual coasters and artwork.
  • You will discover the inner artist in yourself with a hands-on approach and learn techniques to produce unique designs with acrylic paint and the pouring/flow method.
  • Each attendee will produce entirely different items from others, as not one art piece is able to be recreated.
  • Some will achieve their desired wish for a design straight away, others it may not happen just then, but once getting the 'hang of it' designs start to form.
  • When the paint stops moving, your imagination will take over - you may be lucky to have all sorts of 'things' appearing in your pours.  Please be aware colours and/or patterns may stay the same overnight, or may change and be totally different.
  • As said above... this is messy.   Be prepared to get paint spreading around.    Definitely a fun and enjoyable day to be had.


Colour Passion powders, pastes and glitters


acrylic pour acrylic flow art workshop



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