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' 2-day oils | colour mixing | resin art | flow art '



2-day Oils

Wish to know how to use oils?  This 2-day workshop over 2 weekends teaches everything you will ever need to know.   
From explaining manufacturers, pigments, which colours dry faster, colour mixing, techniques, brushes/knives and much more.   Some art materials supplied.    
to be confirmed  -  Morning/afternoon tea supplied.



Colour Mixing

 Colour Mixing 

Here is a subject that is something all should know.  Incredible colours achieved by mixing just a few. Save many many dollars and stop giving money to art stores - mix your own colours. Faster, easier and you will be so pleased with what can be achieved.   
to be confirmed  - Morning/afternoon tea supplied.

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Acrylic Pouring  -  

Then here is your chance. Totally unable to plan what will eventuate, as one will never know what designs/patterns will emerge. 
Time:   -  Approx 3 hours.   
Please be aware ... this is messy but so much fun ! 





Resin Art -  

Would you love to create your own resin artwork? 
If your answer is yes, then the 'introductory' workshops are a great way to be introduced to this amazing art form. 
Time:    - Approx +/- 3 hours 
Very addictive and loads of fun!



resin art pouring and painting workshops



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