Due to Covid-19 all on hold. Please check back or sign up for newsletter for updates. Thk you.




Because of Covid-19 all sessions are presently on hold.    
Primarily due to all workshop sessions requiring attendees to be in very close contact with each other and also for handling of products. As you will realise, this is for the safety of all.   Thank you for your understanding.

NZ Art Classes & Workshops - Auckland

Learn the wonderful world of oil painting or come along having fun designing your own amazing resin art . 
My name is  J e n n i f e r   C r u d e n .  I am a full-time artist as well as tutor for these wonderful art forms.
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acrylic pour enlarged on wall of lounge


acrylic pour on desk with flowers
resined wall art blues on lounge wall with blue chair

Art brings pleasure, relaxation and a type of therapy - time to take for oneself to just get away and enjoy. 
Whether a beginner, some experience or more, all are welcome.

Note of caution - this is addictive.




Please note  Only a few are accepted in each art workshop thereby providing more one-on-one type tutoring. Classes are not held regularly. Held just past Manukau City.  If you see a workshop in which you are interested, would suggest you book as soon as possible. All info/location/pricing and dates are shown with individual workshops. 

View my galleried artwork by selecting the mountain image shown below.  This will open in a new tab.


oil painting image for workshop

Oil Painting  

brushes with paint on palette


red resin art on wall

Resin Art  


My gallery oils



Latest news !


resin paintings on round canvas


Am now stockist and able to supply


New pigments on world market available in New Zealand in both powder form and pastes, including fluoros.    
As well as top quality artist epoxy resins.
These are also fabulous to use in Acrylic Pours.

Receive special price at workshops. 


100% satisfaction guarantee

Being confident all will enjoy these workshops,
a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered.  


 If you wish to book into a session, or to send me a message, please use the form on my contact page.   

0275 278 478
(0275 ARTIST)
New Zealand.
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