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Art Classes

oil painting | en plein air | life drawing | acrylic pour | resin



My name is  J e n n i f e r  C r u d e n.  I am a full-time artist, painting with oils mostly on a larger scale, the New Zealand landscape and having a love of resin art. View my art via the mountain image below. 

Thoroughly enjoying passing on the knowledge I have gained to others so they may also enjoy the pleasure that art brings to all of us.  


A b o u t  - (New Zealand Art Classes & Workshops)   

These Art Classes/workshops are held in the Auckland  area and operate only a few times per year, having been set up to assist and impart knowledge to those who are interested in attending day/evening art workshops in oil painting, colour mixing , resin art, fluid acrylic painting, as well as life drawing and 'en plein air' (a French term for painting out in the open air, on location) .

With today's busy, hectic and rushing lifestyle, we all need to take time out.  Art classes and art workshops will bring pleasure, relaxation and a type of therapy to take one away from the world we live in today.  A time to take for oneself to just get away and enjoy.  

Select a workshop now .  Be with other creative people to have a wonderful time enjoying one another's company as well as learning new skills. 



Oil painting workshops are ideal for beginners or those who are self-taught giving you the skills to understand oil painting and be confident using oils.

Covered in the 3-day oil painting workshop -
Paints, colour mixing, mediums, supports, painting techniques including completed paintings.  Ideal workshop to ensure you are doing the 'right thing' when using your oil paints. 

This 3-day will give you confidence to go ahead with painting in oils, having the knowledge of how to mix colours to save on money being spent on every colour of the rainbow.  Why give to retailers when you can mix and are able to make your own colours?  

My gallery oils


W O R K S H O P S     -   DAYS & WEEKENDS ...


Oils-day intensive


1 day colour mixing


new : Life Drawing


1 day en plein air


new Acrylic Pour 1


new Acrylic Pour 


new Acrylic Pour 


new Acrylic Pour 


Resin Art - Introd.


new : Resin Art



new : Resin Art 


new : Resin Art


For the pour workshops, it is virtually impossible to recreate an identical piece of work using these methods. Therefore the piece of art you will be creating with resin will be a 'one off' piece which you will be proud to show family and friends.  


workshops - dates being set


Acrylic Pouring 1   

Date     -  Date and location to be confirmed  
Time:   -  Approx 3 hours

Lunch or morning/afternoon tea provided 

Choose your colours but - 
beware ...this is messy! 



Acrylic Pouring 2    

Date:   -  Date and location to be confirmed
Time:   -  Approx 3 hours
Lunch or morning/afternoon tea provided
Choose your colours but -
beware ...this is messy! 




Would you love to create your own resin artwork? 

If your answer is yes, then this 'introductory' workshop is for you.     Please note ... If you would like to undertake my other workshops with resin, then this initial 'introduction' session must be attended first, prior to participation in others. 


Resin Workshop    'introduction'

1 x round canvas or board

Date :     -   Date and location to be confirmed  
Cost:      -   Price to be confirmed  
Length:  -   +/- 3 hours
Lunch or morning/afternoon tea provided 



Resin Workshop 1.  new

1 x serving tray plus set of drink coasters to match

Date      Date and location to be confirmed 
Special Introductory Price of $225.00 pp (Bring a friend - friend pays $210.00)  - Approx +/- 4 hours
Lunch or morning/afternoon tea provided  




Resin Workshop 2.  new 

1 x free-standing side table plus set of  drink coasters to match 

Date     -  Date and location to be confirmed 
Cost:     - Price to be confirmed   
Time:    - Approx +/- 4 hours

Lunch or morning/afternoon tea provided. 


Like another resin item?  

Then watch this space, as this time we will be producing something very different, which you will enjoy designing and placing on your wall.  Various materials will be added to the object together with the resin.  


Note -

Dates/locations are still to be confirmed. Should you be interested in attending, please send a message via the contact page. Your name will then be kept on a list to be advised when these are set.   Thank you. 




Being confident all will enjoy these workshops,
a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered.