resin and oil painting workshops
June dates set for Resin. August for Oils.


NZ - Art Classes and Art Workshops - Auckland 

Small classes in a very relaxed, casual/easy, personal way. 
Learn the wonderful world of oil painting or come along having fun designing your own amazing resin art 
My name is  J e n n i f e r   C r u d e n .  I am a full-time artist as well as tutor for these wonderful art forms. In my resin art workshops a well as other art workshops, you will learn the ins and outs of the medium chosen, be supplied with substrates and have use of materials to try out and be excited experimenting with your own resin art at home. 
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June 2021. 
Resin now set.  Items from Moulds now set. Oil Painting August.  

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Resin is amazing and wonderful - however, be aware, as resin is so very addictive.
The resin we use is imported from UK company Elichem
and approved as coating for food. 

This site had been designed simply and, hopefully, easy to navigate.  Made specifically to assist those who are not so familiar with the web.  I hope you enjoy and like what you view. 



acrylic flow image of painting



resin painting on round board nzartclasses

Art brings pleasure, relaxation and a type of therapy - time to take for oneself to just get away and enjoy. 
Whether a beginner, some experience or more, all are welcome.
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Only a few are accepted in my workshops thereby providing more one-on-one type tutoring.  Location just south past Manukau City, Browns Bay plus various other locations.   
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Being confident all will enjoy these workshops,

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