Resin Art Workshops


  Resin Art 

acrylic flow golds oranges round wall art


silver blue and white resin wall art


black red gold wall art round board


gold yellow orange round wall art in resin


  Images above have been enlarged from original artwork in order to be placed on the wall in the photographs.  For display purposes only.



You will absolutely love these resin workshops.

Your finished piece of artwork will be a one-off special item which you will be proud to show to family and friends.     You will find resin art to be extremely addictive, love the unexpected results achieved and will 'just want more'.    

 - not just for myself, but also for those attending workshops with me.  We will not be using an inexpensive brand of resin (some may do this, which will give off toxic fumes and yellow over time).  The resin we will use is a top of the range resin specifically made for art.  It has no VOC, no smell and non-yellowing (uv) and claimed safe by the manufacturer.  When being mixed with paints/pigments etc safety equipment is provided.   
Due to the makeup of this resin and, although advised 'safe' to use, when it is mixed with paints, fumes may be given off - whereas others may not use safety equipment I do - as it is better to be safe and look after ourselves for our health - than not.

resin art red white black smokey


Take note  

The 'introductory ' - first resin workshop is to be attended prior to participating in other resin sessions.

This gives attendees the confidence to work on the larger pieces supplied in later workshops.

Book in for a workshop now 

And take time out using an unusual product - you will love the end result.   For details/info on other workshops please view the home page



Like to create your own resin artwork?

If yes, then these will be for you.

The 'introductory  resin workshop ' will have a duration of  +/- 3 hours which will include a demonstration prior to attendees commencing their own resin art.  Will be shown how to mix, add colour and pour their own designs.

Please note ...  If you wish to undertake other resin workshops, then this initial session must be attended first, prior to participation in others. 

The price includes all art materials and primed round board (or canvas).

Safety equipment is supplied.

Resin takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to cure - allow up to 5 days for hardness (or even more as is delicate).   Be careful with resin as it is a type of plastic and can scratch easily.

Collection of article the next day (or as arranged). 


  1. As resin has a chemical structure and we are mixing in paint/pigments as well as using heat, it therefore is not recommended for women who are pregnant or those who may suffer from asthma or have other allergies to items.

  2. Attendees must be 18 years and over. 


Introductory workshop



Resin Workshop - 2

1 x serving tray
ideal gift for you or another


Resin Workshop - 3

1 round canvas black or white
use of micas/metallics





You will learn 
  • How to mix and work with a high quality professional grade (more expensive) epoxy resin, which is a VOC free and UV protected resin plus odourless.

  • How to mix various colours into resin. You will be able to select from a variety of coloured pigments, inks, pastes and beautiful iridescent, pearlescent and metallic powders as well as Mica pigments plus, of course, glitters (we cannot leave the latter out can we?).

  • How to use different tools in your resin.   We will be using heat and other items to produce different effects in the resin.

Artwork may be collected the following afternoon (or as arranged). It will still be curing so be careful transporting home and do not touch the front of your art at all.  It will take 24-48 hours to cure - and to be firm/safe give up to 5 days.   (Allow up to 5 days for hardness - or even more as is delicate.)

What to bring
  • Lots of big smiles. 

  • An old towel.

  • Shirt with long sleeves which closes/does up at wrist. 

  • Do not wear fluffy jerseys etc as may drop into resin and long hair best to be tied back.

  • Comfortable shoes as may be standing a little. 

  • Camera. 

  • Resin can be messy, so come in clothes you do not mind getting resin and paint on - as that just may happen

The sessions include all art materials, just a couple of things to bring yourself.
 Only 4-5 attendees are accepted, thereby enabling maximum guidance to all.



mica powder out of bottle red flakes





Being confident all will enjoy these workshops,

a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered.