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Dates/times/details are outlined on the Workshops page. If none are showing, then currently not set .
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A note of caution -  be prepared to fall in love, as  resin is very addictive.  Myself - Read more on me via the About page.  Many of those who have attended are now producing their own resin art,  attending markets and selling the items which they are producing.

Thank you for finding my site and wishing to learn/view more on the resin workshops in Auckland which I provide.


Art materials are supplied.  There will be a very small materials list once you have registered.  This is small and most possibly all items you will have at home.   
- A newsletter is sent out, with workshops becoming full very quickly due to only a few being accepted in each session.  

Refund/Cancellation Please read the policy on cancellation and refunds prior to booking for a workshop.
This is able to be read on the About Page (scroll down that page to view).

Resin Health & Food Safety - Manufacturered by Elichem Resins in the UK.  Solvents/odour free, non-toxic, safe to use. Conforming to ASTM D-4236 certified and EN71 - Not tested on animals + food safe.   Not to be used as a cutting or food preparation item. Exceptional UV resistance.




 Design with Moulds

Imageof gorgeous gold tray using Colour Passon pigments view at newzealandartworkshops for resin workshops in Auckland


Resin workshop - View each item below.

It is recommended by resin manufacturers that only 15 year olds and over attend workshops, therefore this is something I am adhering to. Also, if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma then better, just in case, to take caution and not attend.

This is for those who wish to learn the ins and outs of resin in order to continue their adventure in resin at home.  All you will need to know is explained in this one day session ie mixing, colours, various tools, substrates available, techniques plus safety. You will be confident to continue using resin. 

If you do not wish to learn the intricacies and ins and outs fully of resin, and would just like to take a session to 'have a go' and to complete an item, then these resin workshops may just be for you (these do not provide the amount of information as provided in the 'full introductory' session.)  All colours (pastes, powders, metallics) and glitters will be available for you.  

As mentioned all art materials are supplied. Bring.... Smiles and enthusiasm/Old clothes/Masking tape/hairdryer (not tiny travel one). If do not have hairdryer, then please advis. A small list (as above) will be available to download once registered which also has details on location and parking. - Scissors. - Hairdryer.

All art materials are supplied together with safety equipment. A mask supplied must be worn when undertaking resin, especially if dealing with very fine powders/micas or if heating resin. 
NOTE: I am not supplying the normal half-masks rubber. A lighter mask will be supplied. If unable to wear mask provided, then you will be unable to attend.  No refund will be given if not wishing to wear on the day.  Note: you may bring your own mask so long as it is one for fine dust and prevention of smells, ie an N95 is ideal. 

Resin takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to cure (dependant upon resin used).   Collection of article is the next day or by arrangement.  Resin is a type of plastic please be careful as may be prone to scratches - hardens over several weeks.

All art materials supplied. This includes all colours/powders/pastes/glitters etc. As well, pigments/Powders/Pastes /Resin and glitters are able to be purchased from separate website (www.resinandmore.co.nz) - these are imported directly from highly respected resin, pigment, glitter manufacturers overseas. A discount will be provided to be used either on the day or at a future date. Now one of the main suppliers in NZ of these - see shop page for more details. 

View videos on various homeware items -
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Cancellation Details

In case you need to cancel, please view via the link below (scroll down the'About' Page)

Auckland resin workshop available pigments for resin photograph




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-   Location maps are found on the Contact Page with Google links.
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You will absolutely love these resin workshops. Your finished piece of artwork will be a one-off special item which you will be proud to show to family and friends. You will find resin art to be extremely addictive, and will 'just want more'.  

Safety - The resin used is a quality highly regarded international resin specifically made for art.  It has no smell, no VOCs, high UV resistance and clear coat approved for food placement with no experiements on animals.  All Art materials are supplied as well as protective covering. We need to be careful with our health, including the fine dust from mica powders, therefore a mask will be provided to attendees which must be worn.  Please read info on workshops in orange box above. 

Like to view items made with the resins used? Get inspiration and be inspired by viewing photographs of items completed by others.   Visit and enjoy images here (view colours, resins and molds/glitters whilst on that site}.  To return here, select the back button on your browser. 



resin heeseboards and art


An Acrylic pour fan? Powders are able to be used with acrylic pours.  Look fabulous see images using these bottom of this page.

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Want High Quality thick Moulds? -  These simply are definitely some of the best you can buy.  Cannot emphasise enough on the quality of these.  Visit Shop page for more info on these, discount offered. 

Workshops and Pricing? -  These are displayed on the Workshops page.

thank you for resin and oil painting workshops

On the day should you wish to purchase any products, you will receive a discount code for these.   

Wall Art, Cheese Boards, Trays, Coasters, Clocks, Moulds and more ...


Bring lots of smiles/laughs and enjoy.  
  • Learn how to use resin pigment powders and pastes in resin.  Also tints, inks and beautiful pearlescent and metallic powders plus mica pigments and glitters.  You select your own colours.

  • Understand various applications and other surfaces able to use for resin.

  • For some workshops you will need to be back the next morning for more explanations as well as to collect your artwork . If have travelled from another part of NZ then arrangements may be made to courier back to you.

  • It will take 24 hours to dry and over 5 weeks to cure/harden.  

  • Look after your resin item.  Can clean with damp rag and water, or polish with good polish (not spray type).

  • Although not undertaken by many,  I do pre-coat some of the items we will be using.  As I do this for my own professional work  I wish to provide a better service to all attendees by spending that little bit of extra time to undertake this for those who attend.      


Auckland resin workshop, photo displaying resin wall art.


Auckland resin workshop, photo displaying resin wall art.


resin classes i Auckland. Photo of resin wall art.


 resin wall art undertaken in Auckland resin workshop.  Photograph art on wall.