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Items listed on this page are either available now or will be shortly. If there is a link with the individual section, then available.  If not - then please be patient whilst items arrive.   Substrates, Molds, Pigments, Powders and Resins.


Substrates - MDF round / rectangles

These will not warp or bend.  Ideal for resin, acrylic or oils.  Each has been sanded smooth with top edges softly rounded. Rectangles ideal for table centre pieces, trays, art.  Thickness 1.5cms (depth).  For resin, a sand/coat of gesso may be given. However, not essential as many use just as they are.  Take care tho, if using for items such as homeware (trays etc) please do remember the need to seal the rear side to prevent moisture.  For oils, give a coat of gesso/acrylic to seal.
Note:  Heavy for me to pack, therefore presently to be collected.

mdf boards for painting
MDF Round 46cms/18" - $28.00
Note: these are to be collected.
Rectangle 40x25cms  $ tbc
Rectangle 50x25cms  $ tbc



resin geode triangle type coasters

These are fun to use and always an anticipation awaiting to demold and see the result. Molds will include those for coasters and trays, as well as geode design-type items.

Unsure of arrival due to upheaval of worldwide shipping. 


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Pigments - metallic powders, pastes and glitters

Colour Passion - High quality truly intense Epoxy Pigment paste and metallic powders especially formulated for those who love quality.

Obtainable in workshops (discount offered) or purchase online.  

Acrylic Pours ?   Then some of these powders may be used with your Acrylic Pours.  

colour passion pigments and pastes


Colour Passion Powder glitters


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Resins - Mastercast, Totalcast and UltracastXT, Deepcast

All have superb following worldwide.
With either a ... 1 to 1 mix, or a 2 to 1 mix (note:  volume - not weight).   

Ideal for coatings, making resin art, casting and also for heat resistant items.

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